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About Us

“The world’s finest ingredients, expertly handcrafted into unique,
luxury products to make you feel special“

That is our goal when Soap Atelier started ,
and it remains at the heart what we do today. Soap Atelier products are artisan made,
only the hightest quality of rare and luxurious ingredients from around the world.
Tradition and heritage mean a lot to us, which is why we continue to work closely in partnership with our suppliers. But we also embrace the new, modern manufacturing processes to create exciting products with our natural ingredients. 

For us, small details are a big deal. Some are more obvious than others. Beautiful bottles that are handmade and beautiful to look at, an luxury accessorie on its own. Each one of our products undergoes different hand processes and is subject to rigorous quality checks by our own staff before it is packed and shipped.

"We promise uncompromising quality, exceptional service."